Monday, July 26, 2010

Biggest Whiners are those least in Need.

Why is it that the biggest whiners are the people that can most afford to contribute to the American system that gave them their wealth. The second group are people who somehow think that with hard work they too can some day be wealthy and thumb their noses at the rest of the unwashed public. I call these the RV and big fishing boat towed by large SUV/Hummer crowd.

I know people who have retired from a Federal job and now have a cushy federal pension and great health care insurance and think to hell with the little old ladies out there eating cat food so that they can afford outrageously expensive medicine that their doctors say they must take or die. To hell with the guy or gal working two jobs just to make ends meet and to feed and cloth their kids. Heck, let them continue paying their share of the taxes while we continue to give huge tax breaks to the wealthiest americans and lower their tax burden. As we know they re-invest their millions of saved dollars in overseas banks, 3rd homes, luxury boats, million dollar weddings and bonus payments to their friends and relatives on Wall Street. Yet, they are the first to wave our flag in our faces and then whine at us about taxes.

They call themselves the Tea Party and they have been partying on our tax dollars for the past 20 years. Time for them to contribute to the common good!

I say to them Shut up and ..........

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