Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Failure Means Success

Only in America does failure mean success. For years american industry and the top 500 businesses have rewarded their top executives with bonus payments and stock options supplementing outrageous high salaries. The quarterly bottom line could even register in the red and these guys were rewarded for failure. Failure in the short term shows a willingness to be innovative and reaching for the long-term reward by being far-sighted and willing to risk one's career on making the right choices. Rewarding continuous failure year after year reminds one of an aristocratic elite that takes care of its own. The recent bonuses given to failed banking and wall-street executives shows failure in a big way does not result in failure of career or personal financial loss.

History teaches us that this level of enabled failure by, of and for an elite can result in violent revolution as in Cuba, Russia, Haiti and France to name just a few examples. Few revolutions evolve to the best interests of its people. The American experience is the most successful of the lot. However it is seriously flawed.

Any political system that rewards failure at the expensive of its citizens needs major political change. The success of the Republican Party to delay and filibuster and tie up the Congress and critical need for reform is a dis-service to the American ideal of compromise. Portraying any reform and change as harmful is destructive to the effective workings of our Republic. When in power the Republican Party's failure to address the long-term needs of this country should not be rewarded by letting them now place blame on those trying to correct the failure.

We know the Congress is bought and paid for by the corporations. Now the U.S. Supreme Court has recently shown itself to also be an ideological tool for the financial power elite, and many of these elite are foreign. The Court chooses to represent these destructive forces rather than the citizens it has sworn to protect.

We fight wars to bring democracy to lands that have never known its benefits, while we reject and subvert the blessings of democracy here at home for political and financial gain.

"We have met the enemy and he is us".