Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Republican Game Plan 2012

We live in great political times. the campaigns never cease. You win or lose based almost solely on how much money you can raise and spend on television attack ads. I can hardly wait for the foreign company spending OKed by the U.S. Supreme Court in the upcoming elections.

Well, it took a major recession to bring the Democrats back to power. It may take a continuing recession to remove them from Congress in big numbers.

What strikes me as odd, like living in Hitler's Germany or Stalin's Russia, is how duped Americans have been from voting for their own best self interests. I don't think any of us would individually deny a child free health care but a political party advocates doing just that and has people voting for their candidates. How is this possible in a free democratic society.

A great part of making black look like white is in how you control the propaganda, "the message". The average American watches television 8 hours a day. This gives a well-funded and determined plan plenty of time to send a matter how false that if told enough times is believed.

No one in their right mind would claim that top ranked Fox News is "fair and balanced" in their
presentation of issues. Under the direction of its owner Murdock (an Australian). It greatly influences the thinking of millions of voters. I remember back in very early 2004 Fox News was announcing each night how many days until the re-election of President George Bush.

Perhaps there should be a cult deprogramming camp for Fox News watchers.

As I see it 20 years of bank and Wall Street deregulation and soft enforcement of anti-trust laws led us to the current recession/depression. For 20 years the Republican Party was pretty much in control of Congress and the Executive Office. I remember James Watt wanting to lease public lands and he was ready to "drill baby drill" in Yellowstone National Park. Ronald Reagan compared joining Unions to being a member of the Communist Party. President GW Bush happily joked while watching American jobs and wealth sucked (Ross Perot was right!) off-shore and overseas.

We have seen the greatest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the super wealthy in world history. The greatest deficits in our history were during the Reagan and GW Bush administrations and NOT during Democrat Administrations. I believe Democrats are to blame. As the party in opposition they enabled all of this and more while standing back and just letting it happen. The Democrats could have used the strategy the Republicans are now using in the U.S. Senate. The Democrats could have stalled the major deregulation and changes in our tax laws that benefited the super rich. But they did not. "Tip" O'Neil and Ronald Reagan were too busy slapping each other on the back to really care that their cooperation was destroying the American Dream of a prosperous middle class reached under Eisenhower. So we now reap what has been sown.

To make matters worse for the future of our economy the Republican Party instead of apologizing for their mistakes of judgement are blaming the Democrats for not cleaning up the mess fast enough. This is good strategy and appears to be working. I remember that in 2004 they succeeded in portraying John Kerry with 3 Purple Hearts as the coward while George Bush the bar stool pilot was the war hero.

Now convince us that Health Care for all Americans bad.
Deregulation is good especially for mining profits not safety.
Gas for cars is better than battery power.
Drill baby drill till it is all gone!
Jobs overseas are better than employing Americans at home.
Off-shore stashing of money to avoid taxes is good for business.
War 24/7 is good.
What is good for Wall Street is good for America
Banks should invest in high-risk ventures.
Bonuses and obscene salaries for CEOs are always good.
Monopolies for broadcasting is true blue American.

God Bless America. May her flag always wave over a home of the brave and a land of the free.