Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Two Wars and Peace

What if?

The war in Iraq were to end with the country divided into 3 or more parts. Kurds in the north,
Shites in the south and Sunni's in the west. Iraq as a nation was a creation of the British with an imposed king. Not such a good idea after all. Most americans can not even find Iraq on a world map. Oil is not worth one drop of american blood.

What if?

We just left Afghanistan and returned it to the CIA war of insurgents. A tribal country remaining a tribal country. Instead of our troops being the objects of hate and murder we simply provide what is needed and necessary to keep the Taliban and other terrorists busy fighting each other. We have been rope-a-doped into this war without end. Eye for an eye and everyone ends up blind. The terrorists have us just where they want us. Trillions of dollars spent, thousands of lives lost with no solution in sight. Are we winning? Just ask yourself that the next time you take a flight and have to remove your shoes and belt before entering security.

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