Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Creationism, Evolution or Both

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It is hard to accept that the physics and mathematics used by mankind to explain and explore the physical universe is not the result of some master plan. As a Deist I believe that an enity "God" got the ball rolling by launching the big bang. What if God is a force beyond our level of understanding without a sexual or physical nature? Yet, a force able to bring into existance physical creatures that evolve and grow and have self-awareness.

The biblical verses are stories that we have used over the centuries to explain events beyond our understanding. Perhaps we are embarked on an amazing journey, only just begun, that will allow us to evolve into a universe of beauty and goodness that has been planted and grows beyond the very primitive state that now exists on our planet.

Respect for all life, a need to learn and grow and build upon the achievement of others. The fossil remains do not lie. Mountains come and mountains go. Seas expand and contract. Animals and plants evolve. Everything that is living eventually dies.

If we were not meant to evolve we would just be a creation of mindless creatures fulfilling a script already written with the ending determined long ago. No art, no literature, no science, no civilization needed. No joy, no happiness, no sorrow, no purpose.

The future is in what all of us leave behind.

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