Saturday, August 29, 2009

The King who looked into the Darkness

Edward VIII the King of England (1936-1936) wanting it all his way or no way. Yes, he gave up his crown for the woman he loved. she was twice divorced American woman who would be the mother he never really had as a boy. His father was a sailor and of German ancestry to boot. So, no hugs in their family. Cold mutton every morning for breakfast? Well, lets just say that he grew up very unappreciated for all of the public relations talents he exhibited beyond his weak will and flirtation with the Nazi movement in Germany. Once his father died (George V) Edward would rule as he liked with the woman he loved by his side. Not so. Even Churchill's support could not save his throne. As King he showed that he could be vain and stubborn and not listen to his advisors or family.

It was the tradition that the new monarch would face in the opposite direction of their predecessor on all new stamps to show a change in ruler. The background had already been prepared for his new stamps and printed on millions of stamps needing only a second printing with the new monarch's portrait. His new stamps would have shadow on the left and light on the right side of the background. Edward however said that his best side was his left side and insisted that he face the same direction his father had faced on his stamps and break the tradition.

Well the result is that we indeed see the best side of Edward. Unfortunately he is facing into the dark and not into the light. An ominous sign of his short reign. The uncrowned King of England.....Edward VIII

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