Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hate for Religious and Political Reasons

The Golden Rule is pretty universal. I just don't understand all of the hate and intolerance out there. The majority of it seems to be coming from political conservatives and fundamentalists of all religions.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What could be more simple than that? Another more recent version is quoted as "What would Jesus do?"

What would prompt people at political rallies to carry guns, wear band aids on Purple Hearts and carry signs prompting people to kill a political nominee and his family? Over the past few years there have been several active heavily funded misinformation campaigns. The propaganda generated strives to convince people to vote and act against their own best interests. One recent example is of a man protesting violently against health care reform. He was beaten up and taken to the hospital and it seems he has no health care insurance.

I know that politically if you throw enough mud some of it sticks. If a lie is repeated enough times it is remembered by some as the truth. We had a President who said that we "do not torture" but facts and reports tell us otherwise. Yes, we had another President who lied about having sex with an intern.

I've noticed that a high percentage of religious and political hate comes from the Southern States. Political and religious developments in recent years make it appear that the Confederate States of America with their demand for separation and trust in state's rights and intolerance must have won the American Civil War.

One political thing that I find incredibly amusing is for hard-core right-wing conservatives to herald President Theodore Roosevelt as their hero. I guess these conservatives are thinking only of the "big stick" and not the Progressive nature of Roosevelt's political philosophy and actions.

The religious thing that I find hardly amusing is for islamic, christian and jewish fundamentalists to believe that blowing up innocent women and children is the surest way to heaven. As a christian I also find it difficult to communicate with "born again" people who believe that "faith-based" christianity rather than the practiced "good life" are the only acceptable true christian path. Faith-based has been misused for centuries as a means to allow individuals leading immoral, unethical life paths to become leaders and mentors. Both the early Catholic Church and the Calvinists have rewritten the Bible and the sayings of Jesus to enable their control over people and money.

Jesus said "You are not listening". Indeed, the message has been lost amid the scramble for satisfying personal greed and gluttony.

Each and every day attempt to live the Golden Rule. As an added bonus try at least once each day to do something good without expecting a reward or anything in return.

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