Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cuckolded Wimp?

The wimp factor and the intelligence of the voting public

The democratic party needs to smarten up by dumbing down. The republicans have figured it out. The voting public are more like middle-school kids on a hormone high than rocket scientists. Emotion rules everything when it comes to politics. Common sense and logic are only secondary. Keep the message simple and the solution simple sounding.

The attention span and memory of this same public is quite limited. They expect a quick fix to problems. After only two years of attempts to fix problems decades in the making the public seems ready to return the reins of government right back to those largely responsible for creating the economic fix we are in today.

What we really needed in 2008 was an aggressive attack on the problems facing America.
Creating a jobs program would have been more effective than using a stimulus with pork for the home folks. A Manhatten project for energy independence would have redirected thousands of white collar jobs in helping to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. A push for infrastructure repair and renewal would have created thousands of blue-collar jobs and gotten people off the unemployment rolls. What we got was a "cash for clunkers."

The Tea Party movement has channeled anger and frustration into a meaningless destruction of of our Republic by returning to power those that "broke it". A receptive forum has been created for nut jobs to spout their hate and intolerance. Why have the Democrats failed to appeal to these angry voters.

Instead of moving ahead with a solid agenda the Democrats wasted a lot of time trying to reach consensus on issues with the opposition. Compromise was a failure. If it is broke....fix it. Perhaps this was the time to replace independent "too big to fail" banks with a State Banking System? And, a time to punish those responsible for gambliing with billions of dollars by firing them instead of giving them a bonus. Same with the Wall Street bailout. Why reward failure. The same approach could have been used with General Motors. GM killed the electric car plan they started after investing over 1 Billion dollars. They are still pushing products with "power and speed" instead of economy and common sense value. Time for new thinking. Time for solutions. Time for Leadership to step up.

They have kicked sand in our faces and are now taking away our girl friend.

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