Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tea Party means Abandon Ship?

Do you have the same reaction that I have to the Tea Party people?

The main appeal is to self-interest and greed and mean spiritedness combined with a bone-headed black and white view of the world. Calvinist Puritans come to mind.....burn witches, banish catholics and jews.

BTW, I believe the original Tea Party in american history was a raid by friends of Samuel Adams. He smuggled contraband tea to Boston to avoid the tea tax. Unfortunately the taxed tea sold cheaper than his smuggled tea. Solution was to encourage a type of "free trade" by dumping the competition's tea into Boston Harbor.

The Tea Baggers Compromise? ...... NEVER! ............Opportunists big time!

Let's take a look at recent history:

Ronald Reagan: 8 years (reverses New Deal and Great Society)

Daddy Bush: 4 years (Watt wants to drill in Yellowstone Park and sell public lands)

Bill Clinton 8 years (Congress controlled by Republicans inflict Contract on America)

Baby Bush: 8 years (A Trillion dollar refund from the U.S. Treasury for the very rich; two wars; economy in freefall while Repubicans control all 3 branches of government)

President Obama: 1 year in office (He has become the Tar baby of Southern Republican Senators)

What does this add up to?

Blame Obama and the Democrats for the failure of everything.

Bring back the Golden Age of the Robber Barons. If you tell a lie or an untruth often enough people take it as fact. Also, if you throw enough mud, some of it sticks. I just wish the Republican Party would learn to work in the best interests of all americans and not just the rich and elite. But then money is power.

The plan for the Republican Party is to draw support from the grass roots tea party fanatics while using parlimentarian tricks to tie up Congress into one big gordian knot. Make Obama and the Democrats look bad with a do-nothing looking Administration. The Republicans see failure of our Republic as their path for coming back to power.....and we all know what that means.

I understand there is a new Coffee Party to counter the elite Tea Party folks.


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  1. Hear hear! I heard on NPR (that liberal bastion) that only 2% of the Teabaggers knew that Obama dropped taxes on the middle class. The other 98% thought he raised 'em. I'm bookmarking your blog!